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i NOR Photo Lounge

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Welcome to

i NOR Photo Lounge

Welcome to
i NOR Photo Lounge

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Whether you’re celebrating the arrival of a newborn, capturing the joyous moments of maternity, freezing the beautiful innocence of childhood, or preserving the love and connection within a family,
I NOR Photo Lounge is the perfect place to cherish these precious milestones forever.

We are committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that your photography session is enjoyable, comfortable, and stress-free.

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i NOR Photo Lounge


Capture the innocence of your newborn with our stunning photography. Don’t miss out—freeze these precious early days in time. Book a session today for lasting memories that will warm your heart forever.

i NOR Photo Lounge


Time flies, but memories last forever! Let us capture your child’s laughter, innocence, and unique personality. With creativity and patience, we create precious moments. Whether it’s a birthday, family outing, or the joy of childhood, we capture the magic.

i NOR Photo Lounge


Embrace the beauty of motherhood and celebrate the miracle growing within you! We are creating breathtaking images that beautifully showcase your love, strength, and the bond between you and your baby from elegant poses to candid moments.

i NOR Photo Lounge


Capture your family’s love and laughter with our timeless portraits. From candid moments to posed shots, we freeze precious memories in stunning images. Book your family photography session today to create a visual legacy treasured for a lifetime.

We Capture Joyful Memories with a Personal Touch

Why Choose us?

  • Professional baby photography

skilled in bringing out each child’s unique personality.

  • Vibrant and imaginative Themes,

Backdrops that set the stage for magical portraits.

  • Premium quality

At affordable prices.

  • Playful and relaxed environment

To ensure genuine expressions.

  • Beautiful lighting

That enhance the warmth and charm of each portrait.

  • Customized packages

To suit your preferences – prints, digital images, and more!


Established Since


Celebrating the joy of reaching the 6-month milestone

Looking for a magical way to capture the innocence and joy of your little one’s early days? Look no further! At i NOR PHOTO LOUNGE, we specialize in creating timeless memories of your baby’s most precious moments.

Don’t let these precious moments slip away. Book your baby photoshoot today and make memories that are truly out of this world!


“I NOR photo lounge did a amazing job and they handled it dedicatively and while wrapping my baby,

she handled carefully and softly so that my baby felt so comfortable……So the entire session was absolutely worth and perfect. 

Aalisha Sagayaraj

newborn photo studio

“I had an incredible experience with our baby shoot!

 Their calm and friendly demeanor instantly put our little one at ease, resulting in beautifully captured moments that we’ll cherish forever. Their patience and genuine passion for their work made the session enjoyable, and the final pictures exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!

Aravindh R

newborn photostudio

“Both sir and madam were very professional and handled our baby patiently,

It was wonderful working with them. They did a great job capturing beautiful moments of our little one. The studio was very neat and they had a dressing and nursing room which was very comfortable. Greatly satisfied!

Durga Priya Murugesapandian

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    Frequently asked questions

    for planning a Newborn, Maternity, Kids, and Family Photoshoot.

    How can I book the shoot & make the payment?2024-05-23T12:25:56+05:30

    You can make payment in two parts. You will have to pay 50% of the agreed amount while you book the shoot for booking confirmation and remaining you can pay on the day of shoot. Only after recieving the full payment, we send the raw photos for selection.

    Will you share our baby ‘s images on your social media?2024-05-23T12:23:18+05:30

    Yes. This is a part of our work. You have the option of purchasing privacy at an additional cost of 30% on the original package pricing. Images used by us online are mainly to help market and showcase variety by displaying the capability and potential of our photography services.

    Should we bring outfits and props?2024-05-23T12:18:07+05:30

    Not required. But you can bring if you want any specific costumes for the shoot. We have the clothes for newborns & babies 1 year and below. We have Props & Toys and we will choose the props that will suit your little one and take the best photographs possible. If you want to add any specific toy or prop which you have for the shoot, you can feel free to bring it, we can use it in photoshoot.

    How long will it take for the photo delivery?2024-05-23T12:14:39+05:30

    After the photoshoot, we will be sharing the photographs in 3 days. After you select the images, we will process the images and it will be delivered in 30 working days.

    What are all the package details?2024-05-23T12:11:18+05:30
    Do you work on weekends?2024-05-23T12:07:47+05:30

    Yes. We are available on weekends. For weekend slot booking, book your slot as soon as possible as it is the most requested slot by most of the customers,

    Can I purchase extra items?2024-05-23T12:06:07+05:30

    Yes. You can purchase extra photos in all the packages. It will be charged extra.

    How to Plan a Shoot?2024-05-23T12:04:18+05:30

    Planning a newborn, maternity, children & family photoshoot involves several key steps to ensure a successful and enjoyable session. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan your newborn photoshoot.

    Please share the sample pictures for better understanding of your expectations, preferred style, and any specific poses you may have in mind.

    Discuss on themes, props and accessories.

    Schedule the session early for newborn as it’s best to schedule the session within the first 20 days after the baby’s birth. This period is when newborns are most sleepy and flexible, making it easier to pose them.

    By following these steps, you can plan a successful photoshoot that captures precious moments and creates beautiful memories for the parents and their newborn baby.

    How to Book a Shoot?2024-05-23T11:58:17+05:30

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    You are welcome to our warm and inviting baby photo studio i NOR PHOTO LOUNGE, Madurai. As parents ourselves, we understand the sheer joy and pride that comes with welcoming a newborn into your family. However, we also recognize the challenges of capturing those fleeting moments amidst the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. That’s why we’re here to help! With our expert newborn and baby photography, we’ll create timeless portraits that beautifully encapsulate the essence of your little one’s early days. From delicate poses to adorable expressions, we’ll ensure every precious detail is preserved for you to treasure for a lifetime.

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